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Top 5 Famous Men Who Rode Motorcycles

There are only a few things in life that are able to capture the passion of men. But there are fewer of which that captures both the passion as well as the passion of men. And one of which is the love for a motorcycle. The reason behind it is not something that we should be astonished about. There are plenty of elements that motorcycles have that make it manly in nature. Some of which include physical skill, noise, mechanics, solitude, singular focus, speed as well as danger. In fact, there are plenty famous biker men who are also known as motorcycle enthusiasts. It has been a perfect exit for them to enjoy life once in a while.

First on our list is T.E Lawrence. He was also known as “Lawrence of Arabia.” He has been a fan of the sought-after model, Brough Superior which was known as the “Rolls Royce of Motorcycle.” He even had custom-made Brough Superior to provide accommodations for his quite short stature of 5’5”. Throughout his lifetime, T.E Lawrence owned a total of 7 Brough Superior. The top speed that T.E Lawrence rode his bikes was 100 mph. He died at the age of 46 when he met an accident while he avoided hitting 2 boys along the way.

Another famous person who rode a motorcycle was Marlon Brando. Before his fame, he usually cruised NYC with his bike. When he got famous and feel that he would like to run away from fame, he would normally drive Southwest and rage over the desert. He even had an iconic film called “The Wild One” where he rode 1950 Triumph 6T Thunderbird.

Next on our list is the Bob Dylan whose career has gone on full throttle in 1996. During that time, his career was at its peak while he has his albums going gold as well as platinum and successful world tours. Everything was speeding up for his career that it seems he almost had it all. However, he met an unlikely accident when his 1964 Triumph Tiger 100 crashed that led to a vertebrae injury. After the accident, he never went on tour for a decade whilst he was on convalescence.

Despite just being an occasional biker, Clint Eastwood has earned a reputation as a biker on most of his films. One example of such film was the “Coogan’s Bluff” in which he was seen chasing a criminal on the loose in Central Park while riding a Triumph Bonneville.

At the age 15, James Dean already got his motorcycle. He got the 1947 CZ 125-cc. During that time in a small town in Indiana, he was the only kid who has a motorcycle of his own. He rode his motorcycle in full throttle which eventually led him to lose two teeth. He was then called as the “One Speed Dean.” The term one speed meant “wide open.” He also idolized Marlon Brando, thus, getting a Triumph TR5 Trophy of his own. This was the last bike that he rode before he died.